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Coaching from Cedarwood

Self-Assessment Survey

This confidential, self-directed survey tool is designed to assist you evaluate your potential interest in Coaching from Cedarwood. It suggests common areas for introspection, and allows you to consider whether discussing these types of issues would be beneficial.

The SAS is intended to foster a broad consideration of life/work issues, as well as integration of personal skills, gifts, and interests. The questions are purposely open-ended, and reflect the general approach of the coaching relationship.

Should you decide to further explore Coaching from Cedarwood, your responses to the survey questions will serve as a valuable "baseline", and provide a highly personalized starting point for your discussions.

Coaching from Cedarwood is the collaborative process of assisting individuals to determine the shortest distance between where they are and where they want to be.


  • What does success mean to you?

  • What is it you do better than anyone else you know?

  • What do you do to re-energize?

  • Who are the people in whose lives you make a difference?

  • Do you hold strong opinions on most subjects?

  • Do you tend to make plans well in advance?

  • As you accomplish your goals, do you tend to establish new ones?

  • If so, do they tend to be grander?

  • Where and how do you find daily encouragement?

  • Do you find exhilaration in unpredictable situations?

  • Have you experienced this exhilaration recently?

  • Are you able to maintain your moral and ethical standards – at home, as well as at work?

  • Do your closest work associates know you well, on a personal

  • Were you satisfied with your last performance review?

  • Other than work, where/how do you achieve a deep sense of meaning and purpose?

  • Is flexibility in work situations important to you?

  • What would you like to do more in your current situation?

  • What would you like to do less?

  • What makes those activities meaningful or undesirable?

  • Envisioning your life and career three years in the future: What would you most like to see yourself doing?

  • What key resources do you already have to make those things reality (people, materials, expertise, etc.)?

  • Think of those you admire, both personally and professionally: What qualities do they have in common?

  • Which of those qualities best describes you?

  • What types of opportunities would best utilize those qualities?

  • List three job-related situations you’d most like to avoid.

  • Name a particularly interesting subject about which you learned something recently.

  • What made it interesting?

  • Will you continue to learn about this subject?

  • Complete the sentence: “When I reward myself, I _______”

  • Complete the sentence: “During my lifetime, I want to __________”

  • Recall a positive career experience and describe the conditions that surrounded you.

  • Picture the setting, the circumstances, the event, etc. What made the event satisfying?

  • Did the event bring out the best in you?

  • How did other people contribute to the experience?

  • What might your life look like if all the factors and circumstances most conducive to positive performance were in place?

  • Everyone wants to succeed. Are you accountable to anyone for your personal measurement of success?

  • To better serve you better, please give us your name and contact information.

 For your convenience, you may download and print the

Self-Assessment Survey

Acrobat PDF File    Text File

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