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Recruitment Process Overview

By serving as retained Selection Counsel, we bring competent, qualified, motivated finalists for examination and selection by the appointed hiring authority. This process includes:

  • Preparation of a Position Profile with a clear statement of the selection criteria and expectations for success, including experience, motivation and culture.

  • Identifying candidates through independent search, elicited recommendations and spontaneous nominations from those who can help.

  • Screening candidates through interviews, evaluation, and preliminary references.

  • Conducting in-depth references to verify qualifications and qualities of top contenders including professional, personal and character aspects.

  • Providing customized interview guidelines that assure a careful, comprehensive selection process. You need to know how a candidate will reflect the values and philosophy of your company in the course of their normal responsibilities.

  • Negotiating the compensation package on your behalf and to your mutual satisfaction taking into account both cash and deferred compensation, pension, benefits and relocation. This is especially important if the position results in a reduced salary for the preferred candidate.


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