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Corporate Services

Dedicated to helping those in Christian Enterprise leverage their most valuable asset - their people.

A primary distinctive of The Cedarwood Group is the thoroughness of our Executive Search process. Utilizing expertise gained over years of successfully completed projects and drawing upon our extensive network of industry insiders, we provide guidance and counsel throughout the selection and hiring process.

Locating, recruiting and hiring the right individual for your mission-critical position is often crucial to the success of your overall objectives. The Cedarwood Group brings professionalism ­ and results ­ to that effort.


Specialty Services - Independent Counsel for Mission Saturated Enterprise


Staffing decisions are frequently driven by uncertainties about the talents, gifts, and desires of incumbent staff. We offer a program that addresses individuals’ career goals and personal motivations, thus helping refine personnel assignments.

Whether in Executive Search, Coaching, or any of the many other Human Resource services offered by The Cedarwood Group,

We limit our involvement to take full advantage of the expertise already on your staff.

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