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Coaching from Cedarwood brings forward facets of the personal, professional and spiritual for leapfrog leadership.

Leapfrog leadership takes what-has-been and reconfigures it for what-is-to-be.

It creates a bridge between the traditional and the transformational.

CfC sheds light on the obscured Obvious.



How CfC works

  • An optional Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) can be downloaded to get you started and to preview a formal coaching sequence.

  • A half-hour phone call is scheduled for you to question us and for us to hear you.

  • A one-week reflection period is observed to let the concept percolate for both of us. Then you contact us if you'd like to proceed.

  • Subsequent periodic updates are scheduled at your initiation for ongoing progress, specific issues, and general matters.

Background of CfC

  • Longevity: Over seventeen years, the work of The Cedarwood Group has included conversations confirming a person's commitment to their current job and others leading to positions of new responsibility.

  • Continuity: Also, there have been conversations regarding particular situations in light of current circumstances. Some have been sequential and others have been stand-alone; some from established professional relationships and others at the recommendation of clients / mutual acquaintances.

  • Focus: The Cedarwood Group is dedicated to the right person in the right place at the right time. We work with Leaders, Non-Profits and Corporations.

Illustrative Clients of CfC

  • Leaders

    • President of an institution of higher education and member of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

    • President of an international development non-profit organization

    • Vice President in transition from a denominational publishing house

    • Chief Development Officer having outgrown a founder-led organization

    • Exec Vice President out of sync with the CEO

  • Non-Profits

    • Youth-focused organization setting the job criteria for its next President

    • Evangelical group with high turnover in development staff

    • Religious non-profits with dwindling constituents and hesitant leadership

  • Corporations

    • Marketing company to establish a Human Resources department

    • Social expressions company for a US marketing effort

    • International jewelry company seeking US market introduction

    • Publishing company with high turnover in sales staff


In Summary

Coaching from Cedarwood

Recasting the future in light of today's reality

  • Personally

  • Professionally

  • Spiritually


  • Seeking Equilibrium

  • Excavating for Authenticity

  • Creating Simplicity

Bringing the hue of the heart into greater congruity with the cry of the soul for significant work.



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