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Board Services

Serving on a Board has signaled status and prestige.  Now it infers a level of risk and disclosure both for Non-Profits and Board members.  The actions of Leadership and Boards have become more closely scrutinized.

With seventeen years experience,

  • The Cedarwood Group works with Non-Profit Boards in the recruitment and selection of executive staff.

  • The Cedarwood Group works with Chief Executive Officers in the hiring of executive team members.

  • The Cedarwood Group counsels CEOs and Board Chairs in Board Development issues and Board/Staff relationships.

Executives of The Cedarwood Group have personally served on the governing boards of Non-Profits including

  • Publishing companies

  • Financial institutions                                

  • Scripture distribution organizations       

  • International Child Adoption agencies

  • Community Interest groups

  • Inter-Faith councils

  • Trade & Professional associations

  • Church boards

  • Property/homeowners associations

The commitment of The Cedarwood Group to its Client organizations and Candidates is to invite the right person to consider the right opportunity at the right time. The right Board Member on the right Board at the right time can create pivotal, watershed opportunities.

The Cedarwood Group can make it happen!

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