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About Us


  • Value driven Non-Profits

  • Christian Enterprises

  • Mission-minded Corporations


  • Superb Recruitment Strategies

  • Inclusive Search Programs

  • Ingenious Staff Retention Incentives

  • Evolutionary Organization Structure

  • Executive Counsel

Launched in 1990

To bring objectivity to the (sometimes murky) process of finding the best person for a great job in the place where background, experience, and core values are affirmed.

Serving Clients in

  • International Ministries

  • Literature Distribution

  • Financial Services

  • Student Outreach

  • Faith-based Higher Education

  • Christian Publishing

  • Inter-faith Collaboration


"I have totally trusted Susan Eames for years because she has the insightfulness to effectively link the big picture of an organization’s challenge with a Godly sensitivity to matching a person’s core gifts with the need.  Whether filling a key position, coaching a senior leader, or challenging a board with new ideas, Susan calls it like it is, because she is able to see through the fog to make clear the path to genuine solutions."

Dr. Robert Parrott,  President - Belhaven College


"There are few leadership challenges more important than getting the right people on the bus at the right time, and in the right seat. The Cedarwood Group is a valued resource in our search for those right people who share our passion for work and heart for ministry."

Mark Holbrook, CEO and President - ECCU


“It was a delight to work with The Cedarwood Group, and especially with you (Susan). You did an excellent job, and I have fond memories of the journey we took together, trying to find the person to assume the presidency of EMERGE Ministries."

Reverend M. Wayne Blackburn, Victory Church, Lakeland


”We want to express our appreciation for your assistance in the search process for the inaugural president of the Church of the Nazarene Foundation. Your expertise and thoroughness were vital to the success of the search. We believe strongly that the outcome was divinely guided and that you were an important part of that process.”

Jesse C. Middendorf, Secretary Board of General Superintendents - Church of the Nazarene


"I appreciate all your organized, thought-through, diligent work in the executive search. For what it is worth, Susan, I am quite impressed and have enjoyed working with you!"

AG Financial 



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